Intoeing or Pigeon Toes in Children.

Intoeing is when the feet turn inwards when walking. Commonly called “Pigeon Toes”.  This can be caused by different factors such as internal positions of the hips, a twist in the thigh bone, or a twisted foot shape. While the majority of children grows out of an intoeing problem, some children do not.  With intoeing, children might be prone to tripping, or look awkward when walking or running.

Consult your child’s doctor or a podiatrist if:

• intoeing affects only one leg

• intoeing is severe, and not improving with time

• intoeing is causing tripping in a school-age child that affects participation in activities

• the feet are stiff and not improving with time.


By having a podiatrist regularly measuring the positions of the feet, legs and hips as the child grows, you can know whether or not the child is indeed growing out of the problem. If not, valuable treatment and time won’t be lost and treatment can begin early. Treatment can involve exercises, insoles and shoe alterations.

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