Early Foot Care helps keep your child upright for life.

As your child grows into adulthood, many developmental changes relating to leg and foot position occur. The need for these changes is because the fact that when the baby was in the uterus, his or her bones were twisted and compressed. For their legs and feet to work efficiently, children need to untwist from this intra-uterine position. Should these changes not occur, or occur incompletely, your child may be at a greater risk of developing problems as an adult, such as osteoarthritis and muscular aches and pains. Signs that these developmental changes are not occurring are listed below. We will discuss each in detail in later blog posts.

    • Intoeing
    • Bow legs
    • Knock Knees 
    • Bent back knees 
    • Toe Walking 
    • Pronation/Flat feet 

A podiatrist is qualified to diagnose and treat lower leg and foot dysfunctions. Having your child’s legs and feet examined regularly represents a small investment that can bring large dividends for your child’s future health.

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